Being given autonomy to focus on my role whilst ensuring support is always available when needed. EQ’s values, culture and ambitions match my own which provides opportunity for personal development.


Today has been named “Blue Monday” and is said to be the most depressing day of the year. 

But I am far from blue since our “Spirit Team” (a group of staff who organize activities to make work-life fun) has arranged for us all to have a chippy lunch today.

I start the day catching up on emails that were sent over the weekend and putting together a good to-do list to help prioritise my tasks for the week ahead.

We have our weekly team meeting mid-morning where we discuss any issues we may have or learn of any new processes that have been implemented. It’s also a chance to have a quick catch up with each other on our weekend’s activities.

In the afternoon I attend a prospective client’s first meeting. The first meeting is really about getting to know the individual and discussing their objectives. 

The rest of the day is spent typing up a detailed summary of the meeting to issue to the prospective client for their perusal. I like to complete these as soon as possible and ensure the client receives them in a timely manner. That way, if anything has been misunderstood or not recorded, this can quickly be rectified.


My morning is taken up researching information for a project I am involved in. This is one of two I currently have on the go. It’s an opportunity to get involved with tasks outside the remit of my usual duties.

After lunch I set about preparing for a second meeting with a new client. The second meeting gives us the opportunity to discuss our thoughts on the portfolio of a prospective client and to talk them through our cashflow forecasting software.


I start my day with a call back to a client who wants to discuss a suitability report he recently received. As Client Manager, I am the clients “first point of call” should they have any queries. 

Then I need to catch up on my admin, updating the back-office system and chasing some outstanding information on another client’s policy.  

After lunch I attend the “Equilibrium Aspiring Academy” session. This programme was recently launched to give staff the opportunity to develop further in their career. 


My morning is spent reviewing a client’s pension and investment bond. This task is pivotal to the advice given as we look to compare the charges to our own and review the overall suitability of the policy.

In the afternoon I attend a third meeting with a prospective client. In the meeting, we present our “Service Agreement” which outlines the clients risk factors, their objectives and summarises the fees for the first year. At the back of the document is a “letter of engagement” which was duly signed. This document appoints Equilibrium to manage the portfolio going forward.


Today I decided to use one of my two charity days allocated to us all every year and book a day to help at a local girl scout centre. There are about 12 of us heading out to assist with the DIY which includes a lot of painting! 

I finish the hard day’s labour by looking forward to a well-earned takeaway at home.

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